Care Quality

Our aim is to provide services that are professional and dignified with well trained, caring staff providing a quality service to residents and clients. We have a comprehensive internal and external audit programme by which we continuously seeking to improve services.

At the heart of good care is a detailed and agreed care plan that is written and based on a comprehensive professional assessment. We are keen to involve the resident and their relatives and other professionals (with the agreement of the resident).

We undertake many reviews and surveys where we are seeking the views of all persons involved with the care home. We act immediately on concerns and complaints in a positive and learning way

Our staff are selected for the skills they bring to the care centre and their personalities, we continuously train staff to improve and develop skills and to ensure that the very latest practice standards are upheld.







Quality assurance

We have a comprehensive Quality Care manual that contains our written policies and procedures, all activities are regularly audited both internally and externally. Our Quality assurance programme operates within the ISO9001 framework which ensures that corrective actions are identified, acted on and learned from so that quality continuously improves.




Quality Care

We care for people as individuals and seek to ensure that our residents live fullfilling and dignified lives.Learn more

Care Centres

Our care homes are situated in convenient locations in England and Scotland. You can find a list of our care homeshere.