Pedaling for a Purpose: Rosie’s Remarkable Journey Around Arran Island

Rosie, a cherished member of our Collisdene Care Centre family, set out on an extraordinary quest. On Saturday 21st October 2023, she embarked on a colossal challenge – to conquer a 57-mile cycle ride around the breathtaking Arran Island, all in a single day! ‍

Her mission was to raise funds that would directly benefit our beloved residents at Collisdene living with Learning Disabilities, including physical and sensory impairments. With every turn of her pedals, she was pedaling for a purpose, and it warmed our hearts.

Facing the Elements

As Rosie began her journey, she was met with the daunting challenge of unpredictable weather. Cold, windy, and wet conditions welcomed her to Arran, and it would have been easy to second-guess the endeavor. But Rosie’s unwavering spirit prevailed.

She remembered her purpose – the residents she was riding for – and pushed forward despite the forecasted heavy rain and gusts up to 37 mph.

Rosie tackled each hill as if it were a mountain, with her heart set on reaching the summit. The first significant climb of over 864 feet was conquered with a triumphant “Yipee!” She knew there was no turning back, and the goal was to complete this incredible challenge for Collisdene residents.

Pedaling on through Pirnmill and beyond, there was no stopping Rosie. She pressed on, covering 32 miles before stopping at Blackwaterfoot for a well-deserved break, warming up with hot coffee and bacon butties. The cold weather couldn’t deter her determination.

The Final Push

As Rosie journeyed onwards, she encountered a series of daunting hills that seemed never-ending. But her resilience, dedication, and love for our residents gave her the strength to persevere.

Despite the additional miles added along the seafront, Rosie powered through, and after an incredible journey of 57.66 miles, she had reached her goal!

The joy, the pride, and the accomplishment felt by Team Collisdene was immeasurable. Rosie’s journey was not just her own; it was a testament to the collective strength and unwavering support of everyone who believed in this cause.

To Rosie’s husband, Craig, who stood by her side, keeping her safe and offering unwavering support, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. To our wonderful residents who inspire us every day, and to Team Collisdene, who played a pivotal role in making this dream a reality, we say, “Thank you!”

Surpassing Expectations

But there’s more to this story. Rosie’s journey was accompanied by the outpouring of kindness and generosity from friends, family, and supporters. The incredible donations and support have far exceeded our expectations, with a total of £1230 raised – a truly remarkable feat!

We are immensely proud of Rosie and grateful for everyone who made this journey possible. The funds raised will make a significant difference in the lives of our residents at Collisdene, and for that, we are deeply thankful.

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