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The Rowans Care Centre’s ‘Global Journey’ Initiative

At The Rowans Care Centre in Macclesfield an extraordinary ‘Global Journey’ initiative is underway, transforming the lives of residents. Spearheaded by Leanne Senior, the Activities Coordinator, this project offers an unparalleled opportunity for residents to immerse themselves in the diverse cultures of various countries, some of which they have longed to visit or reminisce about from past travels.

April marks a pivotal moment in this venture, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the staff, originating from all around the world. Residents are set to enjoy a taste of global cuisine and participate in activities that showcase the distinct cultures represented at The Rowans.

“Our residents have already enjoyed the tastes and traditions of Germany and Greece,” Sandra Senior, the Home Manager at The Rowans, shared. “We’re excited to continue our tour by visiting India, China, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Romania, New York, Malaysia, among other destinations. It’s a splendid way to honour the diverse backgrounds of both our residents and staff.”

This programme is a testament to The Rowans’ dedication to providing not only top-tier residential and nursing care but also an environment rich in stimulation and enrichment. Thanks to a skilled team, each day is filled with opportunities for residents to learn, enjoy, and virtually experience the world, all from the comfort of their home.

Leanne, the driving force behind this initiative, shared her passion: “Seeing our residents’ faces light up as they explore different cultures is truly rewarding. It’s about bringing the world to their doorstep, sparking memories, and creating new ones.”

The Rowans stands committed to enriching the lives of its residents through such pioneering and inclusive endeavours. The ‘world tour’ is one of the numerous ways it aims to foster a lively, engaging, and compassionate environment for everyone at The Rowans.

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